The Inspired word from god for 2019:




For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

Isaiah 41:13 (NIV)

Those who hold fast to the Hand of God will experience the Joy of the Lord

Uncontrollable circumstances, unfortunate mishaps, or physical challenges cannot steal our peace when we remain in The Presence of the Lord.


During my pregnancy with my first child, my sister, also pregnant, relocated to my home to live with me during this time. When it was time for her to deliver her baby, I drove her to the hospital and I pushed her in a wheel chair to the labor and delivery area. I was seven months pregnant and had no plans to go into the delivery room. My sister, however in great pain and fear, grabbed my hand and would not let it go. She screamed, wailed and cried in pain. Before I could explain to the doctor that I was not going in the delivery room, the staff was, literally, dressing me in a hospital gown because they observed that my sister was not going to let go of my hand. She did not release my hand until we had a new baby.


During this terrifying and painful experience of childbirth, my sister reached out and grabbed for the comfort she knew. She felt peace with me even though she was in pain. She needed to feel and visualize my presence to help her manage all of her emotions. Even though my presence did not stop the pain, it gave her comfort.

God is calling Believers to have that same level of passion and faith in reaching for and holding fast to His Hand. Though we may be experiencing great pain, pressure and life circumstances that are coming at us “five, four and three minutes apart”, and it feels like all we can do is scream and wail, this is not the time to let go of God’s Hand!

Even though I was limited in the comfort that I could provide for my sister, God’s Power is unlimited.

God is Omnipotent-He has All Power.

God is Omnipresent- His Presence is everywhere.

HOLD TIGHT richard-felix-703919-unsplash.jpg

There is no situation, circumstance, pain or occurrence for which He cannot give you the Victory. Believers must hold fast to God’s Unchanging Hand to experience the Joy and Peace that only He can give.

As we prepare to receive 2019, we must understand that there will continue to be natural disasters such as floods, fires, hurricanes and earthquakes. Nations will continue to rise against nations, and the heart of man will continue to grow cold (Math. 24). Unexpected life circumstances will still occur in our lives.

When these end time events come, remember to…



Blessings to you all, ELDER Carla Davis




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